Our Story


Welcome to Remant Beauty!  My name is Michelle, and I am the face behind Remnant Beauty.  

I am super-passionate about natural, healthy living - as traditionally as possible!    



Remnant Beauty was born in a completely unplanned way for me.  In 2018 I became extremely ill with Adrenal Fatigue and with that, came chronically cracked, peeling, dry skin that not even the goopiest moisturiser could hydrate.  I tried out some of the biggest names in medical grade skincare to remedy my rough, dry, sandpaper-like skin, but nothing worked.

After many hours of research, I discovered tallow balm and traditional salves and balm formulas using animal fat.  As I couldn't find them anywhere to buy, I decided to experiment and make it happen, as life as a crocodile was no fun.

My first prototype was a strange mustardy colour and had the unmistakable scent of a roast dinner.  I rubbed a dab into my skin expecting to be covered in an acne breakout the next morning, but instead I awoke to amazingly restored skin.  During the days following my skin continued to improve beyond any expectation I had.  I knew immediately that I had found something special and wanted to share it with the world.  Many hours and several iterations after my first beefy prototype, I had a beautiful whipped balm that smelled of rose and neroli.  



I had entered a new skincare reality:  Gone were the days of trawling rows of mass produced skincare masquerading as "natural", while their 50 line ingredient labels of unrecognisable, chemical names contradicted that assertion.  No more questionable ingredients, no more empty promises of eternal youth and the "latest must have ingredient" that never lived up to it's hype.  

I had a clear vision immediately:  My skincare will be uncompromising:  packed with the best, most natural ingredients that actually deliver on their promises.  I fantasised about my customers opening their skincare package and being delighted with the beautiful packaging and the joy of finding skincare that truly makes the skin healthier, lovelier and more youthful.  I wanted my products to be "the real thing" in a sea of underperforming, overpriced skincare filled with harsh and unhealthy ingredients.  



My mission is to provide people with clean, beautiful products that outperform any store bought equivalents.  I go to great lengths to use the highest quality ingredients.  I render the fat myself, infuse the oils and employ hand made methods that are geared to preserve the nutrients and fatty acids.  Just like they did in the old days!   How did this get lost in "progress?"           



My research savvy customers deserve beautiful, luxurious products that exceed expectations; completely pure and unadulterated.  No toxins, no synthetic ingredients and definitely no compromise!