Why Remnant Beauty?


 Remnant Beauty products are completely unique and unlike any skincare found in mainstream outlets.

Our unique skincare products buck the conventional skincare paradigm as they are based on animal fats.  Our research-savvy customers have discovered the little known healing and anti-aging power of animal based skincare.  



More and more people are aware of the onslaught of toxins in our environment and in our foods, but we tend to overlook the fact that chemicals in skincare penetrate the blood-brain barrier and can have a detrimental effect on hormonal health and toxin build-up; especially as we are using them over and over in our day to day skincare.

Remnant Beauty products contain only the highest quality ingredients, sourced from grass-fed, traditionally farmed animals.  Each item is made with love and dedication to creating a new standard in skincare.

The unique fatty acid profile of animal fats means that your skin gets high doses of Vitamins A, D, E, K and are packed with anti-oxidants; all in their natural form.  Unlike plant oils, animal fats are not prone to rancidity and they have an exceptionally long shelf life without the need for harsh preservatives or chemical emulsifiers, which are known to cause hormone and endocrine disruption.  We guarantee that you will never find an unpronounceable chemical or questionable ingredient on our Ingredients lists. 



Tallow and lard in particular are wonderful for skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, acne and dry and aging skin.

There are outdated misconceptions that natural products are "not as good" as medical grade skincare.  Remnant Beauty products are not only completely natural, organic and handmade; but they outperform any of their store bought counterparts when it comes to skin health, moisture, barrier repair, anti-aging properties and healing.

We are excited to deliver passionately unorthodox products that live up to the hype and are gentle enough to use on babies.